Black Box Amphitheatre almost complete

The first stage of realising our HOTA (Home of the Arts) masterplan is almost finished.

It’s a versatile double-sided venue: a black-box theatre with a riverside entrance and a back wall that folds away completely, opening the box out onto an amphitheatre with seating and lawn space for 5,000 people. The back wall is, in fact, an aircraft hangar door—a massive horizontal bi-fold that collapses against the ceiling away from the walls and stage.

With the hangar door closed, the black box itself is suitable for small performances, rehearsals and functions. The amphitheatre will host major public events from rock concerts to orchestral performances.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says the venue will lure large acts to the Gold Coast who previously only performed in Brisbane.

“It will be a truly versatile venue where we can celebrate a wedding or present anything from a chamber orchestra to an international headline act,”

—Tom Tate, Gold Coast Mayor

In the spirit of the rest of the precinct, the amphitheatre is covered in a Voronoi diagram, a cellular network that exists throughout nature. The Voronoi appears as a unifying design motif all over the precinct.

Watch it being constructed in time lapse or check it out on Nine News.

The venue is nestled beneath a landscaped mound.