Introducing our new Surfer’s Paradise apartments

It’s a 28-storey tower of shimmering bronze glass. Water-inspired vertical lines on the façade meander towards the tower’s base, trickling down into the oasis pool, running down the driveway, and swirling onto the canopy that shades the Old Burleigh Road entrance.

The walls beneath have planting growing from the bottom up and top down. They feature a pixelated version of the trickling façade motif. Like other ARM apartment buildings, the façade is there for the public who see it, not just for the residents inside.

Entrance canopy

It’s definitely a Queensland beach building. We chose the tower’s orientation and shape—a curvy-edged rectangle—to create wind-sheltered places. It prevents ground-level turbulence from wind hitting the building up high and dropping down. The balconies are inset against wind. There is sun shading on the northern and western façades.

The podium level (where the pool is) is on the sunny northern side, and in the building’s wind shadow. It has a shared residents’ kitchen, dining and barbeque area, which are surrounded by glass and blur the distinction between indoors and out. There’s a gym, a yoga lawn and, crucially, surfboard storage.

The tower, for Grocon, will be completed in 2020.