Ross Liddell
Senior Associate

“ARM does exactly the sort of architecture I would make if I were doing it by myself.”

“I’m a project architect so my role is to take a vision and help make it a reality. An initial idea is born and it evolves throughout the project. You’ve got to somehow go from the birth of that idea to getting all the services and the structure and program in there and still fulfil the vision. It’s my job to see that through, in conversation with many varied parties, and that’s the bit I enjoy the most.

I love working at ARM because we do exactly the sort of architecture I would want to make if I were doing it by myself. It’s an architecture that isn’t afraid to be expressive, that has a dialogue with its environment and with its user, and that wants to engage in a cultural context.

I really love the creative side of it. I studied fine arts so I was always interested in the visual but I went back to uni to study architecture so I could work in a creative environment that had a job attached to it. I’ve got good spatial skills so I’m adept at understanding the big picture and the complexity of what is achievable within a space.

My first project at ARM was Perth Arena. I’d come from a small practice that was technically minded, so working on Perth Arena was a wonderful change of environment for me. It was a challenge at first to get my head around the sheer scale of it but it was such an eye opener to see that you can do something so expressive and so creatively minded in a very functional sense. The project focused on getting the right answers, not the easy answers.

As a project architect you’re still learning all the time, whether it be from builders or engineers or consultants or clients, about what is achievable. They all know more than you do about their world and the trick is to know what information you need to know and put it all together while keeping everyone on the same page.”