Wayne Sanderson
Technical Director

“To look around a city and see buildings that you’ve been involved in is very rewarding, especially when those buildings are being used in ways that exceed what you’d anticipated.”

“In architecture, technical inputs play an important part in fusing the conceptual intention into the built outcome. Challenging technical boundaries and traditional methodologies provides a pathway for complex ideas to become exceptional built forms.

I think the most successful architecture is realised when the design concept and the delivery process are interwoven as early as possible. Understanding how a building will be put together earlier on means that any changes to the design will happen through choice rather than forced necessity.

My area of interest is building façades. I’ve been involved in complex, large-scale projects so I’ve developed a refined understanding of structures, materials, thermal movement, weatherproofing, and all the issues that go with them. I’m also very interested in construction techniques and constructability, which helps me collaborate with builders and consultants to achieve the best possible outcomes.

ARM buildings are often large and the brief is almost always complex. I enjoy finding solutions to the challenges they create, especially where the problem involves complex geometry or detailed constructability. In particular, I enjoy issues where there is no typical or obvious solution. For me, the greater the effort, the better the outcome. Well, that’s the way it’s worked so far.

I enjoy working in a collaborative environment with clients, consultants and construction teams. The most successful architecture results from great combined effort, and often those buildings are used in even more diverse and successful ways than you’d anticipated.

I’ve worked with some of the best people in the world in their respective fields. The fact that I’ve played a part in winning five Victorian Architecture Medals, including for the Victorian Desalination Plant, is something that still amazes me.”