Megan Marks

“You need brave clients who’ll take some risks, because that’s when you get amazing buildings.”

“I’m new at ARM. I came here because ARM works on big exciting projects, which is exactly what I love to do. I like big complicated buildings—technical ones and ones with lots complexity. It’s a challenge, getting all the different puzzle pieces and all the needs of the clients fitting together.

I’m a project architect so I lead teams of architects and subconsultant teams. When I’m leading a team, I like to think of every task within a project as an exercise in design. So even if you’re a graduate starting at the bottom and you’re setting out the toilets, that requires design and you should take pride in it. As well, the construction industry is still very gender imbalanced, and being a principal is a good opportunity for me to mentor emerging women at ARM to take roles on site.

I work closely with clients from the beginning of a project to completion. I like to go through a journey with clients and stakeholders to find out what they do and how they’d do it better if they had the right facilities. Then we bring all those needs together and create a product that’s beautiful and that transforms how they do what they do.

As architects, we’re used to the process of a project but most clients are going through it for the first time. So I have a responsibility to lead them through that process and make sure they get the best possible outcome.

For me, the best bit is when you walk through a newly finished building with a client because they’re so proud of what they’ve achieved through their influence in creating that building. It’s great to receive their feedback. I once worked on a mental health unit and the feedback from the client was that the patients didn’t want to leave. To me, that’s amazing.”