Victor Bredin

“Architecture is the fabric that people walk around in every day and I’ve always been interested in designing things for people.”

“I think architecture is the most amazing type of design because it’s the biggest stuff you can do. Architecture is the fabric that people walk around in every day and I’ve always been interested in designing things for people.

From a very young age I had spoken about design with my dad. His previous life as an architecture student was a big influence and something I looked up to. That, along with my interest in buildings, is how I ended up pursuing a career in this field.

I’m pretty talkative, as many people know, and I feel this is a special trait that I bring along to each job. How I communicate with builders, contractors, clients, and the wider design team is really important because it affects how things are done on a project. I like to think I’m an approachable and forthcoming person, which makes the process of collaborating on a project easier. I think keeping lines of communication open in a formal but multidirectional way is the best way to get things done.

I love working with people, so collaboration with clients throughout the design process is something I really enjoy, whether it’s taking them out to a showroom to discuss materials or to see their façade being manufactured. Working with builders who take pride in their workmanship is another great part of my job.

I love seeing a project take shape on site. It’s really rewarding when a building is complete and walking through it seeing the results of all these teams working together, that’s probably the best part.

What I really enjoy about working at ARM is that every day I’m still learning something new. It might be design based or something more administrative. As architects, we use the skills and knowledge that we’ve gained so far in our career and apply that as a set of tools to design a solution to a problem. There are some jobs that expose us to more problem solving than others, but I’d like to say that almost every day we can take something away from our day at work

Talking, listening, learning and watching—that’s what’s really fun about architecture.”