Werribee Open Range Zoo Redevelopment

Werribee Open Range Zoo brings Africa to Victoria: it is unique in Australia and visitors love it.

ARM and landscape architects TCL are designing and delivering new spaces for animals, staff and visitors.

There will be a new elephant sanctuary, a tree-top gondola called the Sky Safari, a new site for rhinos and bison, and the waterhole precinct with places to view animals, places to rest, and amenities for humans.

Masterplan aerial: the circle is the proposed Waterhole Café with the zigzagging elephant viewing trail to the east.

The new elephant sanctuary will be WORZ’s main attraction. It will be of world-leading standard in elephant welfare and research—a place of distinction and public pride.

Zoos Victoria’s six Asian elephants, who currently live at Melbourne Zoo, will be relocated there. The herd will roam freely over 22 hectares.

Image: Zoos Victoria

“No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

—Sir David Attenborough

The Sky Safari will be the most exciting way to experience the true expanse of WORZ and the Werribee plains.

It will glide silently above animals roaming the savannah landscape, making places way beyond walking distance accessible to visitors.

Waterhole Sky Safari Station

From early childhood, Australians learn about magnificent African animals, although their home is far from ours. Werribee Zoo brings them up close in open plains remarkably similar to their native habitats. Around the Zoo, African design, art, and landscape enrich that experience.

The design development phase will begin soon.

A memorable zoo experience will fascinate you, touch you, surprise you, make you laugh, make you curious to learn more. Above all, it will bring you back.