Innovation Building, Digital Harbour

This was the first building completed from our Docklands Digital Harbour Masterplan. It is an incubator hub for new enterprises in the IT industry, as well as the research and development components of larger organisations such as Telstra.

Our design references themes and visual codes of the age of technology. You can find circuit boards, bar codes, Morse codes, binary numerals and more in the random striated pre-cast concrete panels. The individually profiled fins on the west fa├žade are not unusual in themselves, but when you read them as a whole, they create and intriguing visual affect.

The building is designed without ceilings so that services are exposed. This makes frequent refits easier, saves materials and creates an engaging look with variation in the heights and volumes of workspaces. The spaces can be reconfigured quickly and easily to encourage tenants from workplaces inside to meet and cross-pollinate ideas.