Orbis Apartments

Orbis illustrates our philosophy that an apartment building should contribute to the urban life surrounding it, not just exist for its residents.

Orbis stands at the northern end of Albert Park Lake reserve next to our Momentum apartments. It is a seven-storey apartment building with a variety of dwelling types from 55m2 single bedroom apartments with studies to 78m2 double-bedroom penthouses.

The golden composite façade looks as if giant spheres have been pressed into it to create huge convex curves with jutting corners between them. A gold ball, sticking out at fifth-floor level, creates a pair of bulging balconies with multi-directional views. The entrance is through an almost spherical tunnel of polished metal.

Orbis’s interiors feature a natural palette and finishes with hints of the gold façade in the fixtures and light fittings. Generous joinery in the smallest apartments reduces the amount of furniture needed and therefore maximises marketability.

Best-practice sustainability measures include gas hot water, bike facilities and solar-control double glazing.