ARM: Workplace design pushed to the 2030s

“The pandemic has pushed us forward a decade… We’ve been forced to hurry up and we’re now in a place we would have been in the 2030s.

One thing the pandemic has proven is you don’t actually need a desk or an office at all but what you do need is great technology and a variety of cool places that inspire people. And now that we’ve all discovered we can work bloody anywhere, employers need to make it desirable for people to come into the office and earn the commute of their employees.”

Our director Jesse Judd recently talked to The Urban Developer about the workplace we designed for RMIT University. Read the full article here.

Jesse will be a speaker for The Workplace Design vSummit on September 30. Learn more about our unique approach for RMIT OurPlace by signing up here: The New Workplace Design vSummit.