Bubbly M24 now complete

Our M24 Apartments in Perth are now finished. The building is on the site of the former Golden West Aerated Water Company, which later became Gest. Its bubbly façade, a voronoi structure, was inspired by the idea of fizzy drinks. A Voronoi is a tessellating network of cells that occurs naturally in many aspects of nature: butterfly wings, leaf veins, honeycombs and, in this case, bubbles.

Watch M24 being built.

The floating-bubble artwork at the carpark entrance (by artists Jon Denaro and Bec Juniper) is generated from Golden West soft-drink labels.


Our architect Luke Davey’s homemade timber-and-steel voronoi structure helped determine the best way to build the façade.


The foyer wall is a photo of a gold curtain pixelated into a network of voronoi shapes.


Golden West history