Can great places bring us together?

We’re getting ready to have our say on this deeply satisyfing question at the 2018 Sydney Architecture Festival.

Director Howard Raggatt (left) will be a panel member for “Repeating the Feat”, which coincides with the Sydney Opera House’s 45th birthday.

He joins Opera House CEO Louise Herron AM and architects from the four firms currently working on SOH Decade of Renewal projects, including our Concert Hall Upgrade. It’s presented by self-described comedian, design nerd and ARM friend Tim Ross.

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall with proposed acoustic elements

Ian McDougall (right) speaks at Architecture Media’s Architecture Symposium, Sydney, which tackles head on why developers and governments are favouring international architects over locals.

“I have always been very irritated by our persistent cultural genuflection…Phillip Adams wrote in 1969, ‘It is time to see our own landscape, to hear our own voices and dream our own dreams’. It’s 2018. Really…still?”—Ian McDougall

Post-Fest, ARM Sydney studio director Mark Raggatt will be writing a summation for Architecture Australia.

Sydney Architecture Festival 28 September to 1 October at the Sydney Opera House