Happy 20th Birthday National Museum of Australia!

It’s amazing to think that it’s 20 years since our National Museum of Australia opened.

Maybe that’s because our work there keeps going. Our Founding Director Howard Raggatt reflects:

“The National Museum of Australia is an institution for everyone. It should never be seen as merely an architectural gesture.

Its job is to tell the stories of Australia bravely. Our architecture was an effort to be part of that and, as such, it is always a work in progress. 

Now, 20 years on, the Museum feels like it belongs, something to be proud of, something to take seriously.”

Watch Howard at the Museum on ABC News (March 2021).

Read about our latest work at the Museum. The new forecourt engulfs it in a new landscape filled with symbols, meanings and messages.

Read about the Museum’s design and where it all started.

We congratulate everyone at the Museum for all that’s happened over the past 20 years, and can’t wait to see what the next 20 bring.