HOTA Gallery under construction

We officially turned the first Gold Coast sod last month on what will be Australia’s largest regional art gallery. It will be a neighbour to our HOTA Outdoor Stage, and a third phase of realising our HOTA Masterplan.

Here’s a preview of our HOTA Gallery:

“With the opening of this gallery it means that every day of the week anyone who is on the Gold Coast will know they can come to HOTA for a deep and rich cultural experience.”

—HOTA Chair Robyn Archer

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and HOTA Chair Robyn Archer helped lay the granite foundation stone, which will be properly installed next year.

The Gallery will open in 2021.

Meanwhile, the Outdoor Stage has boosted visitation enormously for HOTA.

“Since opening its doors in March 2018, the Outdoor Stage has hosted more than 45,000 visitors in a wide variety of events – 23,000 of these in the last six months of last year. This is an outstanding result for such a young venue still establishing itself…

Once the construction has finished at the gallery, the sky is the limit.”

—Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate