Meet OurPlace@QV

From April 2020, OurPlace@QV will be RMIT’s place.

It will centralise staff from eight different RMIT locations into one contemporary workplace. To create it, ARM and Geyer are fitting out 10,000m² over three floors of the existing QV building at 222 Lonsdale Street.

The project has relied hugely on its main stakeholders: future OurPlace@QV staff. It is full of design innovations—ways we are customising it for its particular mix of staff and usages, for RMIT, and for the existing building.

Nearing the end of Design Development stage, RMIT held an April kick-off event at Storey Hall attended by 350 future OurPlace staff.

Jesse Judd and Tanya Hillman presented elements of our design.

Our designs were on display.

The project has also created opportunities for RMIT students of multiple disciplines. It has inspired seven projects for Work Integrated Learning (a cornerstone of RMIT education).

ARM has worked on some of these projects with students of Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Design, Diploma of Interior Design, and textiles and ceramics.

ARM’s 2018 design studio for Master of Architecture students, entitled “It’s Not Working”, (above) was one of these projects.

There is also a student design competition, critiqued by ARM, for interior elements such as glazing graphics, upholstery and wallpaper.

OurPlace@QV commences construction in September and staff will move in from April 2020.