New book: Geelong Arts Centre – Directions for 21st Century Arts Centres

We’re excited to release our latest book on the design thinking and process behind the Geelong Arts Centre (Stage 3), Australia’s largest regional art centre.

The opening of a new arts facility in any city is cause for celebration. If nothing else, spaces for artistic activity nurture a sense of community through an exchange of fearless and openhearted creativity. Of course, they do more – they are places for us all to gather, to have fun, to share ideas, to provoke discussion. And for those who perform, they are places to show off, to educate, to train, to entertain and to exhibit artists’ speculations through physical, verbal, visual, and musical expression. The completion of the Geelong Arts Centre’s 10+ year revitalisation is not only a moment for celebration but also for reflection.

This book summarises the making of the Geelong Arts Centre Stage 3, a process infused with ambitions for a new environment for the performing arts. We acknowledge the work completed before us and describe many of the ideas and actions taken to produce this remarkable place.

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