New Gallery at HOTA!

Jump into these pictures and wander around what will be one of Australia’s largest regional galleries.

The building will be the third realised element of our HOTA (Home of the Arts) masterplan, which transforms a Gold Coast governmental site into a mammoth cultural and landscape precinct.

Like its neighbour, our HOTA Outdoor Stage, the Gallery will be covered in a 3D Voronoi—a cellular-looking web laid over the entire HOTA site to bring unity and distinctiveness.

The Voronoi web has parts carved out to form the foyer, verandah and terraces. There are fissures or fractures up the face of the building, inspired by the rock formations of nearby Springbrook National Park. The foyer undercroft is akin to the Natural Bridge (a rock formation at Springbrook) or maybe the space beneath a typical Queenslander house.

“This is a beautiful, durable and functional design, offering a breathtaking rooftop experience, which will ensure the gallery becomes a cultural beacon…”

—Tom Tate, Mayor, City of Gold Coast

There’s a great view of the HOTA Outdoor Stage from the Gallery rooftop.

Early works will begin in September and the Gallery will open in early 2021.