We are very pleased to announce some much-deserved senior promotions across our Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide offices.

Catch up with them here. 

“I’ve had plenty of flexibility at ARM over the last five years while I started a family and worked part time. Not many people get promoted at that stage of their career, so I’m really grateful that I have. During that time, we moved to Sydney for a few years to help establish the Sydney office, which opened in 2018, and I delivered our first completed Sydney project—the Sydney College of the Arts relocation.

We’ve grown a really happy, well-gelled team in Sydney with people who have similar interests. It’s been great to have the opportunity to build that office and culture, and now I’ve returned to Melbourne.

ARM people adapted really well as a firm to working at home—we had no issues. I hope we can continue this into the future because it helps support people who need more flexible working lives.”

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Aaron Poupard - Senior Associate

“I’ve been working on the Gold Coast HOTA Precinct for over 3 years. When COVID 2.0 hit Victoria and travel to Queensland appeared to be off the table for a very long time, my partner and I bundled up our 4 month old and we’ve moved to the Gold Coast until the project is finished.

Good news doesn’t travel far in a pandemic. Where so many of life’s wonderful things have been cancelled, postponed and suppressed, I feel so privileged to have been recognised, and thought worthy of the position.

I am in fantastic company, and it’s that great company that has made the ARM family even closer through this tumultuous year.”

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“Becoming a Senior Associate is an exciting step in my career at ARM. It’s wild to think back on all the projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on over the past few years, from the enormous to the tiny, all complex and challenging in different ways.

It’s also great to see the hard work and talents of so many colleagues being acknowledged, when we can’t come together, celebrate and support each other in the ways we normally would.”

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Justin Fagnani - Senior Associate

“This year has thrown us many a challenge: COVID, two kids doing home schooling, my wife working as an infection preventionist in this pandemic and, of course, working from home amid all the aforementioned. The challenges were real.

To be recognised for my dedication and work at ARM, especially during this time, I am honoured, grateful and humbled! I’m looking forward to the future and whatever is our new normal.”

Joshua Morrin - Senior Associate

“I’m based in Sydney, but ARM has temporarily relocated me and my young family to Darwin so I can work in person on the CDU Education and Community Precinct project. The past few months have certainly given flexible working arrangements a whole new level of meaning!

It’s humbling to be honoured in this unexpected way and to have the opportunity to work with such colleagues, collaborators and clients as we venture together into the unknown in our zest for architecture.”

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Natalie Lysenko - Associate

“With three children at home right now, my life is busy, interesting and rich. ARM has recognised that it’s been possible for me to make a significant contribution to the practice while working part time and balancing family life.

It’s fantastic to work with such brilliant people at ARM and I am very proud to be an Associate.”

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“Starting the ARM Adelaide studio has been a fantastic and fulling journey over the last couple of years. It continues to be a privilege to work with ARM and the excellent and generous team that make it.”

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Jessica Heald - Associate

“It’s great to be recognised for the work I’ve been doing at ARM, leading jobs from early days through to construction. As an emerging architect I’ve had some really good opportunities at ARM to work on interesting jobs and with terrific clients.”

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Eliza Langham - Associate

“ARM puts together very unique projects with design strategies that often yield unexpected results, which makes them exciting. I love being part of this process and it’s a great feeling to be recognised as a useful contributor to work that is so satisfying and, dare I say it, fun.”

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Victor Bredin - Associate

“Becoming an Associate is a really exciting new chapter for me in my architectural career. It’s extremely humbling to be recognised for my project leadership, particularly over the last couple of years.

This year has been really hectic—our world has been turned upside down. It’s been great having such solid friendships and mentors at ARM to guide and support me through not only this year but, in my whole eight years at ARM.

I’m really looking forward to getting out on site and seeing more of the amazing work we do.”

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“For me, being promoted to Associate is more than a title and recognition; it gives me hope that our industry is growing, diversifying and changing for the better.

I think that our best work is done when we live balanced lifestyles and are encouraged to pursue our passions outside of the studio.”

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“It’s nice to have the hard work you’ve done, and the responsibilities you’ve shouldered, recognised and rewarded in this way. I’ve learnt a lot from the senior staff at ARM, over the years. Those are some tough shoes to fill. It’s an honour to be part of that great company.”

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