Meet our new vertical school

We’re designing a brand-new vertical school for the Victorian School Building Authority. Meet North Melbourne Hill Primary School.


“We have imagined the campus as a big cloud — something dynamic, filled of knowledge, dreams, aspirations and data. Our imaginary cloud hovers over and through the site, and is a bubbling network of interconnected thoughts, themes, and hotspots mapped three dimensionally,” says our Director Andrew Lilleyman.

“It is realized in the building’s architecture as bubble-like entrances at street level; cantilevered forms for the kindergarten space on the top floor; and when sliced through, radiating patterns to the sun shading to the main Molesworth facade. The outdoor spaces are included in this network of patterning, there are swirls and rounded shapes form play areas, topography, soft and hard landscaping.”

We are working with Bush Projects in masterplanning the site. Construction is expected to start in mid 2021 and the school will open in 2023.

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