Shifting Gear

The 2018 annual Steve Ashton Address is a story of priceless vehicles in country sheds, passionate collectors and a whole roomful of sports cars.

We’ve invited design historian Professor Harriet Edquist to discuss the stories and the world-class creative thinking that fuelled generations of globally influential Australian car design.

Harriet curated the 2015 NGV exhibition Shifting Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Car, and authored a book of the same name.

“It’s a very Australian story because it’s about ingenuity, being a long way from parts and having to make do and fiddle with things and redo things. And it’s about being very ambitious.” 
—Harriet Edquist

The Steve Ashton Address is an annual lecture commemorating the life and work of the ‘A’ in ARM Architecture. It’s a forum to honour Steve’s remarkable contribution to architecture and the business of architecture, and to generate conversations about our cultural landscape that are nuanced, provocative and exciting.

Steve was an avid car enthusiast—a skilful rally driver, Rallycorp founder and Life Fellow of the CAMS National Rally Commission.

6PM, Tuesday 30 October 2018
Forum Theatre, Arts West, University of Melbourne

Bookings are free but essential