Western Port Secondary College Upgrade Opens

The ARM-designed, $11.5 million upgrade at Western Port Secondary College in Hastings, Victoria is now officially open. Education Minister Ben Carroll MP and State MP for Hastings Paul Mercurio MP joined Principal Chris Quinn to officially cut the ribbon at the revitalised school.

Originally built in the 1970s, the school hosts a mix of VET Technical College components and general teaching spaces. Our project was designed with the goal of increasing student retention, enhancing the campus grounds, and updating facilities to meet modern standards. The task at hand involved expanding and integrating with the existing technical areas.

Initiated with a set budget and a broad scope, there were more potential areas for improvement than the allocated budget could accommodate. Our team played a crucial role in prioritising the initial set of improvements, while also developing a long-term plan for subsequent projects.



“It’s hard to believe how far $11.5-million dollars has gone here. And I’ve visited many schools that have had a $10 million rebuild,” said Education Minister, Ben Carroll MP.

“To see the quality, see the attention to detail, the incorporation of First Nations culture, but more than that, the incorporation of the student’s contribution to the buildings is something everyone here should be very proud of.”

“This has been a four-and-a-half-year journey to get here, and it does start off with some drawings, and to have representatives here from ARM Architecture … you should be so proud of what you’ve been able to do here. [Not only] for the current students, but the next generation of students to come through, who will be learning in the environment that you’ve created, is something that will change hearts and minds for many years and inspire young people to go on and be their very best selves.”