HOTA Gallery

This expansive contemporary gallery will house the City of Gold Coast’s extensive collection of art and cultural artefacts plus local and international exhibitions.

The building will be the third realised element of our HOTA (Home of the Arts) masterplan, which transforms a Gold Coast governmental site into a mammoth cultural and landscape precinct.

It’s currently under construction.

We completed the masterplan in 2013, in partnership with landscape architects TOPOTEK1, and are now realising it in stages.

The masterplan converts ageing cultural infrastructure and redundant commercial buildings into an arts and recreation precinct for Australia’s largest-growing city.

Like its neighbour, our HOTA Outdoor Stage, the Gallery will be covered in a 3D Voronoi—a cellular-looking web laid over the entire HOTA site to bring unity and distinctiveness.

At 5,500 m², this will be one of Australia’s largest regional galleries.

You’ll be able to go there from 2021.

The HOTA precinct will be unified visually by the dynamic, organic cellular structure of the Voronoi, nature’s most robust but delicate shape. It’s a distinctive design motif that has determined the shapes on the walls, canopy, paths and garden beds of the Outdoor Stage.

A Voronoi diagram is a network of cells that occurs naturally in many plants and animals—even honeycombs and bubbles.

We have used it on other projects including the Wintergarden, the Melbourne Recital Centre and, of course, the HOTA Outdoor Stage. Voronoi shapes in nature adapt and shift in response to external change—this is a perfect structure for a cultural precinct that reflects the furious, youthful energy of Australia’s sixth biggest city.

The Gallery overlooks the Outdoor Stage across the expansive amphitheatre lawn between.

There’s a great view of the Outdoor Stage from the rooftop café.


“This is a beautiful, durable and functional design, offering a breathtaking rooftop experience, which will ensure the gallery becomes a cultural beacon…”

—Tom Tate, Mayor, City of Gold Coast