Aaron Poupard

“Working at ARM, there is no comfort zone. We all sit right on the edge of our abilities all the time, and that inspires me.”

“When I was a young fella I was taken to the observation deck at the Rialto and I remember contemplating how a building that size could be possibly put together. It was incredible to me to think of somebody actually drawing that and then it being turned into reality. I still find it incredibly humbling that we’re able to create buildings that leave such a legacy throughout their lifespan and that so many people will come into contact with.

I did a double degree in architecture and construction management and I’m particularly interested in how buildings are put together. My first ARM project was RAC Arena, which was already well into construction by the time I got there. So I became familiar with the process of building—the details and the different contracts that are used and how to maintain the design through the construction process. How to make sure it’s built exactly as we wanted.

For me, architecture is the perfect mix of creativity and problem solving. And I like the idea that architecture is the biggest form of sculpture that you can possibly get.

One of the great things about ARM is that nothing’s ever off-the-shelf. Or if it is, then we’re converting it or modifying it to something that works with a design concept. You need to know the standard way to build and have a strong base knowledge of traditional construction techniques so you can reinterpret techniques from other industries or modify existing ones. ARM is known for doing things for the first time and I’m interested in how you put the pieces of a new puzzle together and in trying to understand where they all fit and whether we need to customise any of them.

Working at ARM, there is no comfort zone. We all sit right on the edge of our abilities all the time, and that inspires me. Every day there’s some new challenge that you have to research or ask somebody about. It’s an interesting way to think of your work life—you’re never comfortable but that’s what makes this place so much fun and so collegiate. Everybody’s in it together and everybody supports each other.”